2020 for Your Information

It is the policy of Riverside Drifters Saddle Club to provide its Members, their guests, and other members of the public, access to all of the club's facilities and activities without regard to a person's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, ancestry, familial status, or military status.


Saddle Club Meeting

 May 6, 2020

6:30pm @ the Pavillion

5577 Cromwell Park Dr

(First wednesday of the month)

Again this season we are doing an "All Around High Point" for each age group. This is a one horse one rider team that competes in the pleasure, english, and games to tally the high point for each age group.  This does not include the 'Ol Time Show. 

Age groups are as follows:

PeeWee 0-10(this does not include leadline must ride on their own)

Junior 11-13

Intermediate 14-17

Senior 18-34

Senior + 35-49

Over The Hill 50 & older

Qualifiying classes are marked on the fun show bill with a *. Beautiful Buckles were ordered for the "all around high point" and will be presented at our last fun show of the season. Hope to see you all.

P.S. We do a daily high point for each age group including lead line at each fun show.



If you use the arena Please be kind enough to fix it up before you leave!

This means rake up any divots, holes, close the gates, put equipment back, pick up poop and garbage. This includes the parking area. The term at the meeting was

“Leave it like you found it”.

 Hopefully it was in good condition when you got there.

Thank you.




Our 2020 Queen;

Carrie Foley 


Our 2020 Princess;

Grace Foley


2020 Lil’ Miss;

Brynn Jordan



Congrats Cowgirls!

If your club has a show coming up, send me a flyer or some info. And I will try to get it posted in the News & Events portion of our web page.

 The 2020 club officers are,

President- Brenda Huhta

Vice President- Christopher Nash

Secretary- Sabrina Jordan

Treasurer- Kim Bridge

Junior PR (public Relations) - Gracey Foley


Dates may change if needed

Riverside Drifters Saddle Club

Show Dates for 2020

*May 9th. Fun Show (pending)

*June 20th. Fun Show

*July 19th. Fun Show

*August 2nd. Fun Show

September - Old Game Show



Fun shows start at 9:00am.

*indicate end of year highpoint 


**all the help we can get on these weekends**


Check out the new addition to the web site. Wants & 4-sales. Send me info if you are looking for something or if you have something you don't want or need.




Membership forms can be printed and sent to  the address below.




Kim Bridge

10751 Van Buren Road

Floodwood, MN 55736




Want to Become a Member?

2020 Membership Form
RDSC Membership.pdf
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