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January 2, 2019


Meeting called to order @ 6:44 pm by president Timothy Homstad.

Hannah Bailey not present, no secretaries report.

Treasurer’s report read and accepted.


Old business:

Queen & Princesses elected in November.

We agreed upon dates for fun show and submitted to city for approval;  5/11, 6/15, 7/21, 8/4(cowpoke), & 9/7 for old time show.

Showbill needs to be updated on website.

Syra will be letting new judges know dates & possible compensation: $50

Rachel’s interested in announcing.

Suggestion made to adding halter class to buckle series also to add surprise class bareback-ride a buck, etc. to fun shows.


New business:

*Election of Officers

Brenda Huhta-President

Alissa Niemi-Vice President

Sabrina Jordan- Secretary

Kimberly Bridge- Treasurer


*Food Vendors need to be addressed for 3 fun shows and Cowpoke. Sabrina Jordan will call a girl in McGregor. Also Barb Dahl?  Peggy Olson was also suggested but Anja mentioned she will be very busy this summer. B&B, and any other interested licensed food service trucks in area will be given chance.


*Grant awarded for new arena panels by the MN Horse Council.  Sabrina & Kim will attend annual meeting to accept grant. Vinyl banner needs to be ordered to acknowledge MN Horse Council @ arena. Few places to purchase panels, will try local suppliers like Widdes & Floodwood first.   

Memorial panels will still be honored.


*Contact Voyageur Press for write-up on new arena.


*Sabrina Jordan is applying to Operation Round-up grant for updated LED lighting in arena.


*Delegate to Cromwell Area Community Club’s next meeting 2/8/19 to discuss plans.


*Suggestion to purchase new microphone for PA system. Kim will bring options to next meeting.


*Prize committee-Allissa Niemi, Jessica Davis, Brenda & Olivia Huhta, Syra Johnson-Engle, Riley Dobosenski, Anja Johnson

*Cowpoke committee-Kim & Troy Bridge, Michael & Brenda Huhta, Anja Johnson


*Northland Horse Fair in March.  Suggestion to host a booth. Will revisit as soon as information about horse fair comes from Diamond Royal Tack.

Motion to adjourn meeting @ 8:06 p.m. by Anja Johnson. Second by Sabrina Jordan. Meeting adjourned.



Whats in our arena in 2019.

Mark your calendars!



May 11th - Fun show @ 9:00am


June 15th - Fun Show @ 9:00 Am


July 20th  - Fun Show @ 8:00am


August 4th - Common Folk Cowpoke @ 9:00am


September 7th - Old  Time Show

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