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Show/Registration Details

  Covid-19 Precautions 
As horse people we are all aware of safe distancing in the arena to prevent injuries.  Let’s just remember social distancing without the horses during the fun show season at the arena. Here is a list of things that we will do to help prevent the spread.
•    There will be NO use of the pavilion building.  Outhouses with sanitizer will be provided.
•    We will only be accepting online registrations for shows.  NO DAY OF REGISTRATIONS! NO EXCEPTIONS! Registration link will be posted at least two weeks prior to the show and must be completed and paid by 5 PM the day before to be considered. 

•    Class size will be limited to 20 per class – First come first serve.
•    Crow’s nest is OFF limits.  Once the results are announced and entered for daily high point the sheet will be placed on the ribbon table if you need to check. Ribbons will be located on the table along the warm up area – pick up your ribbons with social distancing practice. 
•    The playground is open but posted “play at your own risk”.
•    There will be food available to purchase on the grounds with proper precautions in place.
•    To keep things moving along we need volunteers to help set up events, etc. There will be incentives for our volunteers this year.  More details to come! If everyone helps a little no one has to do a lot.
•    We are using the city park so as alway clean up after yourselves and your horses.  Area outside of the warm up pen, to, and around your trailer must be clean when you leave. (FYI – if this is an issue we will have to start charging a fee to cover clean up).
•    We will have a daily high point in each division.  To take pressure off our office staff and ensure correct point counts, prizes will not be awarded the day of. They will be announced on this page and our Facebook page and gift card prizes will be mailed within 2 weeks.  
     **These policies will be in effect at each of our events**

Other Info:
•    Paid membership for 2021 show season in order to qualify for the buckle series. Printable forms and online registration available here
•    All class, office, and side pot fees are as listed on sign up form.  
•    Negative coggins must be provided.
•    We welcome any royalty attending to take part in our royalty ride – please turn in your info at sign up – This will happen after pleasure classes are completed and before games start.

(Parking @ 5577 Cromwell Park Dr. 

We ask all trailers to please enter from the south entrance, off Hwy 210 (this help with human traffic safety).  In the past few years we have found that parking East to West and leaving an alley behind rigs works best for our setup. 

Again this season we are doing an "All Around High Point" for each age group. This is a one horse one rider team that competes in the pleasure, english, and games to tally the high point for each age group.  This does not include the 'Ol Time Show. 

Age groups are as follows:

PeeWee 0-10 (this does not include leadline must ride on their own)

Junior 11-13

Intermediate 14-17

Senior 18-34

Senior + 35-49

Over The Hill 50 & older

Qualifiying classes are marked on the fun show bill with a *. Beautiful Buckles were ordered for the "all around high point" and will be presented at our last fun show of the season. Hope to see you all.

P.S. We do a daily high point for each age group including lead line at each fun show.



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